Hello Fellow WHTers,

I am going to give it to you straight. I am looking for a few people to do commission based sales work for me. Primarily focusing on my Server Management, but it could also include Shared and Dedicated Hosting.

Commision is negotiable, but I was thinking in the range of 10%-20% recurring, depending on the product you sell, or 50% non-recurring. Paid out after 1 month.

You will also be credited with any sales made through our live support system we will be integrating. You will be permitted to do discounts upto 25% off. Anything larger will have to be preapproved.

What you get:
@staff. email
Live Support/Helpdesk access
Modernbill Access - Possibly

Also, Server Administrators are welcome to apply, as when we start to get too many servers to handle, we will look into bringing some people in to assist with administration.

How to apply:
Send your Resume, in Word/WordPerfect Format to [email protected] with the Subject "Job Application: Sales - Commission Based"

I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Also, only one person will be permitted to "work" WHT. Everyone else will be forbidden from posting on WHT anything to do with the company.

Thank You for your interest,