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    Plesk 7 license for sale

    For sale is a Plesk 7 license from Sw-Soft. I purchased this license a little over a year ago for a webhosting business I no longer have. I sold the customers off, not any servers or software licensing. It only allowed up to 30 domains, which is good for companies just starting out or someone who just wants to see what the business is like. I'm not sure if Plesk 7 is even supported anymore, but I have all the files should you want to use it and are not able to obtain it from Sw-Soft. I'm not looking to get much for it, so email any offers or questions to me at:

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    7.0, 7.1 or 7.5?

    Any addons included?

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    It's just 7.0, no addons.

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    Plesk versions seven and over are supported, and you can upgrade from them.

    However, you are not allowed to sell licenses.

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