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    Around 45,000 Uniques per month PR5. Selling 1 site wide only 6 bucks!

    Normally I charge 15-25 for a sitewide for one month on my site, but this is a special cercumstance. Someone ordered a body part from me. Sent me the money via paypal, paypal took 6.00 for the fee. I noticed it was cracked a little, so I need to send a refund. So I need to send the full amount including what paypal took out for a fee.

    First come first serve, ONLY SELLING ONE. Need to sell TONIGHT!

    Thanks to all who wish to help

    My site recieves around 45,000 uniques per month and is a PR 5

    Site is:

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    im interested, pm sent with some questions

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    I'll take it - tell me where you want the cash sent to.

    Rob Tyree
    Versaweb - DDoS Protected Cloud and Dedicated Server Hosting
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    I might be interested in a sitewide link. Please pm me.

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