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    Require Advertising

    I require banner/text advertising on sites that are not related to webmaster sites, such as hosting, web design etc.
    I'm looking at $15 max per slot, please leave site url, price, monthly site uniques etc.

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    I have a popualr free webhosting forum, the topics are general and not related to web hosting, let me know if your interested.


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    This thread may interest you:

    6.00 for 1 month only. 45,000 Uniques per month PR5. Reason its so cheap is that I need the 6.00 tonight to cover the rest of a refund I need to send and I'm 6.00 shy. Its the weekend and it'll take until next week to transfer the money from my bank to my paypal account

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    $15 a month
    Text AD on everypage of

    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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    $10 a month - movie, game and music reviews. Sitewide text link or 728x90 banner. 5000 uniques a month, more this month

    See this as well:

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    Uniques: ~150/day

    Well indexed in many major search engines as well.

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    I think this THREAD will be suitable for your needs.

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