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    Question abut str_replace & text box

    Could I use str_replace to replace a string in a text box with a variable from a text box to be emailed through php?

    Something like:

    PHP Code:
    $message $_POST['message'];

    $sql mysql_query("SELECT FirstName FROM users"); 

    $row mysql_fetch_object($sql))
    // Send the emails in this loop.
    $member_name $row->FirstName

    $body str_replace('{MEMBER_NAME}'$member_name$message); 
    Then in the textbox we'd use {MEMBER_NAME} To define the member name?

    then something like

    mail(" <$email>", "$subject", "$body", "From: $sitename<$fromemail>", "-fi$fromemail");

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    Yes, you can use use str_replace() to perform that action. You can also go more "advance" and make your code something like this:

    PHP Code:
    $replace = array('{member_name}','{member_email}','{member_password}');
    $replace_with = array($row[Firstname],$row[email],$row[password])
    $body str_replace($replace$replace_with$message); 
    Hope this helps
    Daniel - php scripts and tutorials

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    Note to the people reading this - using unquoted indexes within array will make php to issue a notice (unless they are previously defined with define()).

    Semantically correct would be:
    $replace_with = array($row['Firstname'],$row['email'],$row['password']);

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    Syntactically, you mean.

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    Regarding the syntax, there would be no syntax errors in the unqoted example. The error would occur because of undefined constants. So sintactically, using unqoted associative indexes is also correct.

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    Thanks. I got it working with this:

    $sql = mysql_query("SELECT fname,lname,email FROM mailing");

    while($r = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){
    $fname = $r['fname'];
    $lname = $r['lname'];
    $email = $r['email'];

    $body = str_replace('%FNAME%', $fname, $body);
    $body = str_replace('%LNAME%', $lname, $body);
    $body = str_replace('%EMAIL%', $email, $body);

    FWIW, it works!

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