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    Help - what reseller provider is best

    I have posted here a bit the past while and have found your collective information very helpful. We had a client call us this morning stating that they want their hosting switched due to the poor uptime (provided to us by IMHOSTED.COM). This is the last straw in an ongoing battle we are going to change suppliers and I need some further advise from you.

    A bit of history about our operation. We are a design firm providing print and web based solutions for our clients. The sites that we have created have typically been pretty basic (no amazon type sites). Basically 8-10MB site size - fairy heavy graphic but not terribly large (page wise). Lower per month hits, mostly 1000 per month. One peaks at around 8000 per month for 3 or 4 months. We currently have 15 sites that we host.

    We absolutely require a rock solid provider (uptime), we are moving because of poor uptime - the last thing I want to do is move to another spotty provider. So far we have looked at site5 and I haven't spoken much with site5 but DIY has been very good thus far with pre-sale questions. I am leaning toward DIY but want your further input based on the above info. They seem to offer more than what I currently need - downside but the upside to that is that we have the option to brnach into those extra areas when and if we wish to pursue.

    Anyway - are either of these good for what we are and need. Tought please.


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    I don't think you can go wrong with diyhosting, they are very well respected here on WHT.
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    Your starting in the right direction for sure. Most people just cut to the chase and pick one company over another for no other reason then price. But who cares about price when your website is down. Good luck with your search.

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    There are serious differences between the hosts you're considering. One is going for the what some would call high end hosting approach, the other is concentrating on the afordable/budget hosting market.

    Not only that, but while DIY is using Plesk and H-Sphere as control panels, Site5 is using a nicely skinned cPanel that they title "Netadmin". You should investigate which of these control panels fits your needs and style of work. Also, if you plan to give your customers access to a control panel, you need to consider which one is (most likely) the best for them.

    I believe both providers have public uptime reports for their servers, so you should be able to notice any differences in that department as well.

    Good luck!

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    "Originally posted by ldcdc"
    Also, if you plan to give your customers access to a control panel, you need to consider which one is (most likely) the best for them.

    Yes its important to keep in mind what will your clients get to manage their sites. If it is something very complicated or cumbersome, they would probably look elsewhere.

    Another important fact you would do well to keep in mind is the quality and level of support being offered by the hosting provider. You may also want to check the network strength of the host. You dont want clients waiting to pounce on you for their sites being down
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    I recommend site5.

    and also resellerzoom and bliksemhosting. they are what we say high end but it is worth it. the money you pay for services also goes to the image of your company

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