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    Question Yeah, I know: Another DNS/Nameserver Question

    Been through the boards for this, didn't see it exactly. Converting to VPS and the nameserver issues. Sooo... VPS is with Acme and our domain is with We set up nameservers with Registerfly (ns1 & ns2) to point to IPs with Acme...

    Q1: Does it make any sense to setup and use a separate secondary name services for ns3 & ns4 like seconaryt dns service... or some others: dyndns. org, zoneedit. com, ultradns. com

    Q2: If Yes.. should we use a NEW domain hosted with another company for nameserver ( instead of current with Registerfly?)

    Would Look like: -> Registerfly register / nameserver -> Registerfly register / nameserver -> networksolutions register / nameserver -> dnsmadeasy -> networksolutions register / nameserver -> dnsmadeasy

    So we would have DNS and Domain redundancy with registrations... Yes? I think. Trying to get all he bases covered without too much hassle and further changed to our clients...

    We want to eventually have a failover system down the road.. so want to try and anticipate that as well...

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    If you have had DNS downtime or you are worried about redundancy then it is good to setup secondary DNS somewhere.

    It does not matter if you use the same second level domain or two second level domains.
    Using "" and "" can just confuse some people so most people just use one domain (

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