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    SSH Silent Exit?

    How do I exit out of putty so that when running an application it doesn't turn off with it... besides screen...

    I'm running a counter-strike server, and when I add & at the end which allows me to than hit ctrl + z without it turning off. So now i'm back at bash and I can do more commands (servers still running at this point) and than when I exit out of putty the counter-strike server closes... sorry if i'm confusing you

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    I think screen is the better command for doing this
    To avoid the termination of program, after doing ssh to host run #screen
    If you want to download a big file even after the termination of shell, you can do #screen -S <screenname>
    and start downloading
    To exit without teminating download press CTRL+A then D

    If you want to check the status of the download you do #screen -x choose the screen name you gave above like
    #screen -x <screenname>
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    Thank you so much!

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    nohup <command>

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    Nohup is the best way to do this, just make sure you detatch it, such as:
    nohup ./startgame &
    so that you can close the window, and the game won't freeze when you do.
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    Thanks for all your help, fantastic =]

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