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    Wanted: Co-Worker


    I posted this here before, but the guy I was planning to team up with hasn't been online for a while and I can't reach him via e-mail. Hope he sees this topic if he ever visits WHT again.

    What I'm looking for is a quite experienced PHP programmer to co-operate in working out a PHP project. I'm looking for someone who isn't planning to just screw me over when he sees the option to it and neither am I looking for a guy who's just new in PHP.

    The main idea is a Clan Content Management System (Clan Command Center).
    This CMS was already coded once and released for a few days but then we had to take it back due to the fact it was rushed out and the coding wasn't well thought of.
    Though, it did have a lot of success even from day one since a lot of clans were looking forward to it and it had everything a clan needed.
    Ive recently worked out the main ideas and a temporary database design. But well need to review this and work it out a bit more.

    I will pay for the hosting, the domain and when we release the advertising. So you don't need to worry about that part.

    Please reply in this topic with contact information and motivation if interested.

    Kind regards,

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    By the way, this will be free software. The only way we'll make money out of this is by donations, ads...

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