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    Will people sign up $8.95 enom sub-accounts?


    I noticed that many companies register enom domains at only $8.50 or $8.75. I really wonder if people will sign up the $8.95 enom sub-accounts from Resellers. If yes. Why??

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    reseller accounts gives more power to control your customer domains thats why people would go to reseller account and pay few cents more or even a dollar just o have full control and be anonymous to end users/customers
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    This manic obsession about saving $0.50 !!!

    Far more important as Bashar says is the level of control and service.

    If you're registering domains on behalf of your clients, you need a simple, secure, effective method - and something like the enom API is perfect for that.

    If you're regsitering domains on behalf of your business, then picka registration agent who's likely to still be around in 12months time when it comes up for renewal

    If you're registering domains for resale, then you absolutely must pick a reputable registrar, with the ability to lock-down your domains from being stolen etc.

    The type of regsitration company you shoudl pick and the services you should expect/require is dependant on many many factors, the *LEAST* of which IMHO is the price !
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    Well said Rob. With that I would say yes, some people still prefer a reseller account over a cheaper retail account. Think about it, some people still prefer the Tucows reseller system over eNom, Directi, and NoDaddy.

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    I think it looks more professional to have the whois report read: "Registration services provided by: My Company Name" rather than say: NameCheap or RegisterFly.

    In addition, most registrars now provide hosting services. Why encourage your customers to check out the competition?
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