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    * [Great] HOSTING template & 3 CHEAP unique images available!!

    Hey, I'm posting this design up again after adding a sub-page and editing it alittle:

    HOSTING template - Warm feel
    Working examples :: Main page : Sub-page

    Design images have been optimised on save for web to 30 quality (Medium)

    Sale includes:
    - Fonts (4)
    - Coded .html Main & Sub-page (see above)
    - .js for drop-downs
    - 2 .PSD files (1 for each page)
    - Exclusive / Resell rights
    - Unique

    !!Open to offers!!
    Starting bid : $10
    BIN : $90

    Payment by paypal.

    3 UNIQUE images available!!

    OK, well I have no use for these images so I thought i'd put them up for sale to see if anyone else needs them.

    CPU Tower - BIN $10
    A simple CPU Tower created in Illustrator CS2.
    Comes with .ai file

    3 random images - BIN $10
    These could be used as images if you have multiple boxes on a website (such as 3 different price plans on a hosting website) Created in Illustrator CS2
    Comes with .ai file

    Girls face - $15+ Bid or BIN $30
    Originally drawn in Flash by hand (outlines from a picture of my sister a few years ago - with consent), I have exported this image to Illustrator.
    Comes with .ai file


    Payments by paypal only.

    Only Quality Design

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    Its a nice design at great price. Good luck. ( 1st hosting one )
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    Thanks for the feedback CSDesk! I'm just hoping that the price is low enough to finally sell this design. Anybody interested?
    Only Quality Design

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    Design and images are still available!!! Make an offer, i may accept
    Only Quality Design

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