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    How is 000domains these days? Should I move?

    Just wondering, how is 000domains these days since it unofficially got acquired by registerfly? I'm thinking whether I should just move my domains from 000domains to namecheap, now that the original reasons for staying with 000domains such as great support may no longer be there.

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    You can test their Customer Support yourself to find out if there are any changes.
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    I moved away from 000domains long ago to my own Tucows OpenSRS reseller account.

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    I know 2 internet marketers who use them and haven't had any
    problems so far. Why not give them a try and see how it goes?

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    they got acquired by dotster not registerfly

    dotster is good , but some ppl said their customer support been slower not sure though you have t otest them urself and see
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    I was just about to start the same thread title.

    I don't like their new control panel. It's slow and overly confusing. But their service seems OK, but slower than they used to be.

    I'm gradually moving domains over to namecheap, for cost and control panel reasons.

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    I was willing to pay the $13.95 for great 000support but Dotster support is slower and not as friendly - & don't like the new control panel. I have been moving to cheaper registrars as names get close to expiry. After I initiated my last transfer Dotster offered me a $8.95 forever price on all my future renewals and new registrations. For the price I may stay with them on future renewals. If you ask they may give the discount before you initiate the transfer process.

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    The bulk of my domais are over there, reason being was for the support. Now, things have changed and I'm looking at other options.

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    Not impressed

    I must agree, their new panel is TERRIBLE and even doing something as simple as adding your handle to a clients domain is overly complex now. This in combination with their desire to advertise web hosting and design services to MY clients is reason enough for me to move!!

    I have about 30 domains with them that I'll be starting to mirgrate. Too bad they sold out
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    Dotster also just bought out dotregistrar recently
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