Hello all, Im currently starting an advertising network where the publishers are 100% Gaming related websites. A very good demo of 18-34 males.

Since we are starting up, we need to get a reputation and I would like to offer some really good prices to get the ball rolling well we get on our feet.

We are selling ad's in blocks of 10,000 views.

468x60 Top of Page Banner - 7.50 cents for 10,000 views (.75cpm!)
120x90 Button Bottom - Side of Page - 2.50 for 10,000 views (.25cpm!)

More then anything we need your positive feedback after you deal with us!!

We currently have 5-6 more Publishers waiting to join, so as well sell our adspace we will be able to open up the network more and more.

First site in the network is my newly opened site, www.diablo3.com , clearing over 350 uniques a day, and 1500 page views.

We only accept paypal for now.

Please contact me at [email protected] , or pm here or post.

Thank you.