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    Unhappy Eww...look at my summer workout.

    My coach had a meeting today with all the Wrestlers at his house, and he handed out special packets for the Varsity Wrestlers for next year...the thing was enormous. I have a job to do, be with friends, and much more. He hands us this

    Running / Walking / Cardio

    - Atleast 1 mile run [Monday | Wednesday | Friday]
    - 10 Hill Sprints [Tuesday | Thursday]
    - 120 Second Sprints [Everyday]
    - 5mins of non-stop jumproping

    Lifting / Body Build
    - 20 Chinups [Atleast 5x a week]
    Atleast 3x a week:
    - Bench Press [Start at 85lbs] 8x
    - Arm Curls
    - Leg Presses [Start at 150lbs increase x15lbs] 10x
    - 50 Pushups - increase as time goes on
    - 25 Hindu Pushups - increase as time goes on
    - 20 Clap pushups - incrase as time goes on
    - 20 1hand Pushups

    Monday - Friday
    10:00am - 1:00pm [FREESTYLE / FOLKSTYLE / ROMAN GRECKO]

    1 on 1 with Coach
    5 days throughout the summer @ 1hr each. "We will work on what we have seen that you need improvement on"


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    Looks like quite a schedule, sheesh. Is this one of schools where you have been the best in the state, and want to remain the best in the state? Hehe.

    Well, that looks like a way for him to "separate the men from the boys"

    Boo indeed.
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    heh, heh.

    hey, my friend's summer workout is to run 100 miles a week

    he's like #3? cross country in our state though
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    Although you should do exercise but too much can begin to have long term affects on you.
    Good luck with the training

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    What does working out mean? jk
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    We have been best in the state many times, but this year we fell to the Rapids. He intended that we get some rest too, and not always practicing. We don't HAVE to do this, but he recommends it to build stamina throught the year.

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