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    Targeted visitors

    Hello there,

    Well here I am again with one more question ,

    I need your opinions on buying targeted customers; I have read a post in the forum ( ). With disappointing commentsÖ.but I have also find in the forum a user which is a Marketing Guru, the website he advertise is .

    Just need to know your opinion about his service

    Dan, please do not take it as a bad thing asking for your service. We are going to start a new business and we need to learn

    Any comments, criticism and help is more than welcome.

    One more time thank you for everything I learned and still learning from your posts in WHT.


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    If you're in a very initial stage in your hosting business, I would like to suggest you to come up with a very good and powerful contents and focus primarily to create a website presence.

    Once you've reached at that stage you should look for a cost effective advertisement for generating large pool of traffic. A hasty decision can be a costly mistake.

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    I would like to thank you for answering

    Of course we don't want to take a hasty decision , that's we we are investigating and researching for everything step by step

    Can I ask what you mean by focus primarily and what you mean by powerful contents?

    Can you suggest what options we have for a low budget?

    Thank you again for answering,

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    Powerful contents means that when a visitor landed in your site and your home pages, your display offers and contents should force him to brows your site for more informationís.

    For example.

    Site A. you are welcome to our site, we are the top most bakers all over the world, we have birthday cakes, marriage cakes, and so on. We care our quality, we are very old firm established in ......Mr. So and so has visited our shop and appreciated our products, The site contents are full of animations and flash.

    Site B.

    We are a family owned and operated business. We are fully committed to baking only superior quality desserts and cakes shown through our selection of ingredients.

    Looking for cakes? You have come to the right place for cakes.
    Below are our regular offerings along with the price, Check out today's special what we have only for you. Click here for wedding cakes, click here for birthday cakes.

    Which site content you like most?
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    I think that the site with Powerful contents is the this right ?

    If yes, what you mean by focus primarily ?

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    That is just a short example for comaprison of both site. Site B should be considered more specefic here in comparison of Site A. It's not a powerful contents, it's having good contents more specefic than site A.

    Primarily: initial stage.
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    Well by asking such question I donít have in mind that we will get 10,000 customers, I donít have the idea that we will even have a single customer over the next days of the begin of the campaign.

    Iím trying to estimate the costs for everything including advertising for a year without get a single customer , and as I saw Dan which provide this service is a well known guy here in the forums , thatís why Iím asking your opinion about his service to check if someone has used his services in the past.

    More opinions and any criticism is welcome

    Thanks you again,

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    I would like to add my few suggestions which might be helpful to you at this stage.

    1. Design your site with good contents
    2. Research the market and analyze it
    3. Select a target market
    4. Focus on local market on initial stage
    5. Make your website presence
    6. Create your brand image
    7. Study the competitorís move
    8. Increase the ranking status of your site
    9. Work out your estimate/cost and ROI and look for a cost effective
    10. Review your advertisement and the traffic; look for targeted traffic
    as per the need and situation on that particular stage.
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    It is realistic to know you might only get one new customer in your first month. Web Hosting takes along time to get started.

    - Eddy
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