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    Should i get these two...

    I am thinking of getting the 80gb hd and 512mb ram for my other pc, these are great deals, and i only have a little time to decide...

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    I was looking at the 512mb here:
    But i want to try and get 2gb ram for the pc, i see 1gb here:
    But is the $100 good for the 1gb ram? See i only have 2 slots for memory.

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    Do you plan on overclocking your processor?

    If not, something like this is much cheaper, and will preform just as good. ( have a few sticks of 512 MB from this company, it's great, I'm going to buy a 1gb stick soon)

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    Can't use that because its pc2700 on my other pc.

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    Your computer should be able to take PC3200 if it can take 2700.

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    It can? I didnt know that lol...

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    Yes, I used to have two sticks of PC 2100, and now I have one stick of PC3200 and it runs perfectly fine, but, I'm going to buy another stick of PC3200 soon.

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    See this is my other pc here:
    Thats compatible right? With pc 2700 and 3200?

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    Yes, it should be compatible, but if you are worrying about it, purchase the PC 2700

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    See i have the 256mb ram in it now which is pc2700, but i found out that it is not good to have pc2700, and pc3200 sticks togather, because i would like the 1gb+256mb togather, so i guess pc2700 it is

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