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    Thumbs up OKIHost

    OKIHost is a host that is great to sum it up. Paul (owner of OKIHost) is very helpful and is willing to help even if it is a script that I have no clue about and I would ask way to many questions about .

    OKIHost is not a huge host, but they do take care of their customers. Example is I was having a problem with Whoiscart and he helped me with parts of it. As well helped me set up a database (step by step) on a script that I had no clue about.

    Support - 9.5/ 10.0. The support is some of the best around that I have seen really. OKIHost has IM as well a helpdesk to get hold of them. Reason I gave only a 9.5 is because it can take some times a couple of hours to get a response from them (most was about 3 hours I believe so far).

    Knowledge - 9.5/10.0. OKIHost as well as Paul know a whole bunch about web hosting and other script related subjects. No host is perfect, but they are willing to make sure to help their customers out the best they can.

    Pricing - 9.0/10.0. OKIHost is about the average price I pay for web hosting, but they are tad bit more high priced over all compared to the others. Though I must say that I am happy to pay more for the service I have got.

    Uptime - 10.0/10.0. I have not noticed any down time at all since I started with them. I have been on my website a lot (working on a few pages).

    Honesty - 10.0/10.0. OKIHost is honest, and they tell it as it is. They do not say they are a huge company and have thousands of clients. They are up front about it, and do not seem ashamed about it as well.

    Over all - 48.0/50.0. Like I said no host is perfect, but OKIHost and Paul are both a great company and a great person. They are a smaller host yes, but they do seem reliable and a great service. He did not have to help me on my scripts and he could told me to get lost, but he did not. He decided to help me and to show that even though I am a pain in the arse that they are willing to help as much as possible.

    If OKIhost keeps up with the service that they are providing I will be staying with them. As that I will keep an updated month to month review on their service. If I feel part of their service slips I will make sure to post it in the next review. So far I have been with them for almost a month.

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    I expected nothing less from Paul. After all he pulled off the webhostingtalk toy drive without a hitch. Thank you for the well organized review and like you stated keep us informed of how things work out.

    Note: It's nice to see a well developed review and not a .... is super great with no actual information.
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    Reason I gave only a 9.5 is because it can take some times a couple of hours to get a response from them (most was about 3 hours I believe so far).
    I think you were too harsh there.

    Overall, it seems to me that OKIhost has that edge that the smaller hosts can have: the willingness and ability to go the extra mile in order to make the customer happy.

    Thank you for the review Torith.

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    Originally posted by ldcdc
    I think you were too harsh there.

    I did not say it was a bad thing .

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    Nice review Torith.

    Keep up the good job OKIhost
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    Hey Torith,

    Thanks for the great review and it is always nice to get some feedback and know we are doing things right

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