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    Reseller or affiliate?

    My apologies because I posted something similar earlier. I need to ask again to clear up some confusion.

    I want to provide a domain registration service on my site. Now I`m not too bothered about making vast profits, I just want to be able to have a domain registration service. My main work is sold through web design and hosting.

    I will probably install a whois script, but I also want installed a `registration` page. Now, I believe I don`t need a full on reseller account, I`m thinking an affiliate might be a better option. I don`t expect domains to be a huge hit for me, but having the service would be important for me.

    I understand that affiliates supply a link, that then takes you to their site and then you make the purchase bla bla...

    I wanted something a little better than a link, but a registration form that then take you to their checkout, once completed it would return to my site.

    Anything like this around? More importantly did I make sense? !!

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    I think it will be easier to get eNom or Directi Reseller account.

    As for the registration script I would recommend Whois-Cart:
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    with affiliate links its not possilbe to return to ur site and have full managmenet over it

    best options is to get a reseller account and use softwares like whoiscart/AWBS/modernbill or code ur own system using the reseller's API system
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    A reseller account is probably the way to go here
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