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    * Wanted: Quality Workers

    Wanted: Quality Workers

    Dont read any further if you are an expensive worker.

    My paypal account is filled with cash, if your a cheap quality worker.

    people who contact me and ask for more money than I have listed below will get the block button pushed, I dont have time for flakes or posers who dont read.

    Last week I hired 6 people, out of those 6 people 2 were posers, 1 flaked off, one did not finish the job, leaving me with only 2 quality designers who followed through and didnt flake off.

    Wanted experienced people, no posers or flakes. Quality people only. People that wont accept the job then flake out half way through or expect payment upfront and then disappear. If you ask me to be paid up front, I wil hit the block button on AOL IM, i dont have time for scammers.

    do not PM (Do not private message) contact me on AOL IM: tep57

    payment is done only after job is completed and is by paypal only.

    Who can work for affordable prices. All payments are via only.

    1. PHP/Script Installers - will pay $5 for each unique script installed.

    2. An example of a script: Im looking for a very high quality search/engine directory (i will not be spidering any web sites out there) style - I would like to have my very own on a unique domain. where people can register and become domain moderators. publically people can submit domains. spend time on to see what im looking for.

    2.1 I am looking for free blog script, or any kind of free scripts I can install on customers domains to bring people back and get a lot of interactivity.

    2.2 Looking to hire people to populate my search engine with domains ( style). The script should have the ability to check to see if a domain is working or not - this feature is not required. Will pay 5 cents per domain added to the search engine directory, as I want a team of people constantly updating it.

    3. phpBB skinners, mod/hack installers, min 2 years experience with phpBB forums, skinning them, modifying, them, customizing them, configing them. Good sense of design, and asthetics an absolute must. Dont contact me unless you have a lot of experience. Pay $10 per fully customized, configed, modified, enhanced, redesigning on a forum (phpbb) only. I paid to have these forums skinned last week, by an american and someone for norway and they did i dirt cheap and didnt give me a song and dance about bills to pay. - (this one terrible, wasnt finished and I need to re-hire someone to do this, the guy who skinned this did a terrible job and flaked off - this is why I dont pay people in advanced I lost money on this one)

    If you can skin forums like this and install 5 hacks/mods, upgrade forums, add google banners and search bars, other cool featurs like my ip, quick reply, points, referal. Im interested in hireing you.

    4. Flash Designers - min 2 years experience - I am looking for high quality header flash vector graphics 750 x 200 for forums websites directories etc... no larger than 100k, will pay max $20 to 25. These will be for different topics and themes. I paid $25 for this: (the flash header)

    Look at these sites for example of what Im looking for:,,,,

    these are sites which have 750 x 200 or 750 x 100 flash headers.

    If you cant do basic flash on this level, dont contact me.

    5. Web site marketers. Will pay 25 cents to 1$ for every link back you can get to my customers sites. I need SEO help on several sites as well. $5 for PR6, $1 PR5, 50 cents for PR4, anything less than PR4 is 25 cents.

    6. Logo designers - $5 each - nothing extravagent. Examples of logos I paid $5 for:,

    these are $5 logos. Inortherwords Easy and SIMPLE.

    7. PTR script installers, modifiers, customizers, manipulators, installing hacks/modz, maintenance, running them. Must have min experience of 2 years with PTR scripts. is a PTR site, I need someone who is familiar with the cashcrusader script, someone with 1 to 2 years experience installing mods/hacks on it.

    do not PM (Do not private message) contact me on AOL IM: tep57

    payment is done only after job is completed and is by paypal only.

    Make sure you re-read this post 3x, if you contact me asking me a question which I clearly answered here, I am blocking you. i dont have time for games. I have a mountain of clients who want work and want quality, NOT rushing, but quality, they dont have time for flakes and posers.

    Thanks, Mark

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    my designing team can help you but you need to raise your offerings by 2x at least..<< lecture removed >>
    However, the work that you have already got done is good.

    Best of luck.
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    Guys this stuff is not rocket science and some of it takes a matter of minutes, like installing hacks/mods for example.

    Thanks to those who have contacted me!

    Many positions are still available

    I am drowning in work, so keep contacting me as many positions require multiple people.

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    I just sent email because I can´t access any IM but I´m very interested in job!


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