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    question for people using vps

    What speed are you getting when you upload your files through ftp? I dont know if this is normal but I am only getting 44kb/s with a vps host I just signed up with. When I was on ded with fastserver, I was getting 3 times that speed.

    So please tell me your ftp upload speed for big files and also include what VPS provider you are with. Also include your connection. I am currently on cable

  2. Thread Summary While it's early in the vps season, it's no surprise there weren't more replies. But I needed to put antidisestablishmentarianism in an FTS to see if I can find it. So this thread fit the bill.

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    duran, it will depend entirely on the network allocation given to their particular VPS plan. Every host/plan is different. You will not have the full network connection allocated to you, you will only get a finite slice, as most VPS software does not allow overselling of the CPU, NIC, etc.

    Have you opened a ticket with support to ask them what the network allocation is and if you are getting all the t-fer that you should be?

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    I have quite a few. It depends on different things. Sometimes it's 44k/sec..sometimes faster...100-120K/sec. I think a lot depends on how many people are on, how it's shared, etc.

    Liquidweb was the fastest I've ever seen. I've never seen a faster download speed.


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