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    Investors/Partner with Strart up Capital Wanted

    I've owned a few sites and forums in the past, and now I feel it is time to step into the web hosting market. I have been interested in building a web hosting company for quite some time now. But I lacked the appropriate funds. That is why I am looking for an investor, silent or active, to help me in my venture.
    Now you ask, “Why should I trust you with my money?”
    Well I have run a forum with 2,000+ members, which continues to grow even today. And I have also owned an online multiplayer game, which was successful. It boasted a few hundred players. I have also helped market a gaming company. I helped them gain members, and helped them gain money through marketing. If you would like any of the links to these sites feel free to PM me, or email me at Totino [at]
    For the past year I have been reading about how to operate a successful web hosting company. I have also copied down some key sites which I will use to get the company name out there. I of course request no money until your start up capital has been paid back.
    So if you have a little extra cash around, or maybe you want to venture into something new, please contact me.

    My Contacts:
    Email: Totino [AT]
    MSN Messenger: seen87 [AT] (I only use this for MSN messenger, not Email)

    Thanks for your time

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    It won't let me edit because the 15 minutes are up. But I forgot to add that I've taken a few business classes and programming classes. I aced them both, so I know how to run things business wise

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    You might be able to get a better response from investors if you spell check your forum topics as well as run your post through Word... After all, this post is their first impression of you.

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    I did run it in word, there are no mistakes in my first post... And I have received numerous responses thanks. And now I notice the topic title, but oh well. The post is fine
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    I didn't say that you wouldn't get any, just that you might get more.

    Good luck with your venture!

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    Also, you state that you took some business & programming courses and "aced" them. This sounds unprofessional. Nonetheless, what evidence do we investors/partners have of these courses?

    In the business world or any job for that matter experience surpasses any course. Managing a forum which has 2,000 members, not clients nor customers is a lot different. I'm sure there are many people out there who have been reading how to run a web hosting business for over two years. This does not mean we should trust you with our money or invest our time and money into someone who has no experience in such field. Instead, we will be your ginny pig.

    Just letting you know that you could have taken a more realistic approach to this all.

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    How do you not consider a forum clients. They are cilents in a sense. The forum was infact an RPG. So basically I was being messaged by players all day....

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