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    Check these out..

    Are these worthless...I was going to start a gamming portal and direct them all to one address

    Opps I forgot I have these also..


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    And this.

  3. out of the list, id think youd have potential with: - though its a long domain it COULD work & - could create a good site with those lol - maybe a file upload site
    Right now id say you just got Reg fee, these domains HAVE potential in my opinion to go up maybe mid to high $xx

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    How much do you want for , , and ?

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    how much you asking for

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    Guys I really don't know what they would be worth or how to value them..I guess that is why I posted them here ...If you want to make me a offer on the ones you want then I could consider it..But My original intention was not to sell but to see if they would be worth developing..

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    Originally posted by Tinkleheimer
    How much do you want for , , and ?
    i believe its * not forums so im guessing its those mystype domain

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    Originally posted by r2xdesign
    i believe its * not forums so im guessing its those mystype domain
    That is how they are Registered ..{fourms}

    They were misspelled by Tinkleheimer

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    Unless they get traffic they're all reg. fee domains.

    Don't waste your time with .bz domains unless you intend on developing them or keeping them for a long time. There are loads of good single word domains available with that extension so they're worthless (at the moment).

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    I would say reg fees just because forums is misspelled. If you had the correct spelling of them, then I would say they would be worth alot of money.


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