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    Simple CSS question please

    Hello, is there a css attribute that allows me to change the color of the blinking cursor inside of a text field? I have a theme that uses a dark background, and since the cursor inside of it is dark too you cannot see it. I want to know if there is a css command that makes the cursor a lighter color so it is visible. Actually it may not even be called a cursor, its the blinking black horizontal line that appears when you click inside of a text area field while typing. Thanks

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    I believe its CS2 and I don't think that you can change the color, but I could be mistaken. Here are the attributes for the cursor,
    [color=#666666]Ackoo Solutions, LLC

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    Yeah I know all about that, but it's the blinking line that I am looking for.

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    The CSS cursor attribute changes the appearance of the pointer, not the cursor within a text box. That blinking line is platform-dependent. This means it may or may not blink, may or may not be a line, and may be rendered in any color depending upon browser.

    When dealing with a platform-dependent browser property (another example is styling the 'title' tooltip) the best place to look for a solution is within Javascript.
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