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    Any Windows notepad programs similar to tail of linux?

    Are there any Windows notepad program that can do what tail does in Linux, such as open a text file partially or grep to limit the results returned? It seems crazy that Windows notepad by default cant do that, and basically freezes whenever you try and open a large text file.

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    You can try ' pico ' or ' vi' editors..
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    Actually you can download the Windows 2003 Server Resource Kit. It's about 12mb, but it includes a tail command for DOS. Although it's for Windows Server it works with XP and should work with 2000, I have no idea about 95/98/me. Here is the link to the download page:

    As for Grep take a look at this page:

    For text editors I like UltraEdit, it's not free, but has everyhting. It also handles large files very well.

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    Thanks guys. UltraEdit looks particularily interesting. Acording to their website, it can open txt files upwards for 4 gigs. Nice!


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    UE is a nice text editor, but if you want to do 'simple' file manipulation, like The Islander said, you can grab win32 ports of most common unix utils.

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