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    * cpanel expired on machine, but active on cpanel site


    About a week about my cpanel became inactive. I have a FDC Virtual Dedicated Server on Fedora Core 3. At first I thaught my liscense had ended and my host would update it, after a few emails with my host, I found that my IP and all my domains were actually listed as active at the cpanel site.

    My site host indicated the problem probably lied with my DNS setting and said I should try and sort the issue out or get them to reistall the VDS (an option i would prefer to avoid).

    So after numerous search queries on google and this forum I have tried a few things, unfortunatly none of them have worked and im still faced with this problem.

    I would be very grateful for any help or suggestions.

    Some idea of what i have tried.

    -checked if my hostname resolves to the right IP
    -checked that my servers public IP was correct
    [email protected] [~]# curl  x.x.x.x
    -I tried
    and it responded with expired in under a second (I read somewhere that if it took over 3 seconds you might have a problem)
    -I temporarily flushed my firewall rules (iptables -F). And afterwards gave cpkeyclt a try.

    No luck so far, so if any one has any ideas I would love to hear them.

    Please note i am not very experienced with linux and configuration but am an experienced programmer, so when responding please try and explain some of the less obvious terms, if you get what i mean.

    Thanks for your time people.

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    I would highly recommend you sign up for the cpanel forums and have a look at the following thread:

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    You may want to contact cpanel directly (or have you host do so). I have seen in the past where the problem is related to cpanel's anti-fraud detection system. It will show licensed via cpanel's but fail during a cpkeyclt.
    [email protected]

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    Best way to solve this is to have the person using the License to contact the person providing the License. - for all your Hosting needs
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    Haze: thanks for the link, i checked everything out, nothing seem to help much.

    Ive looked at my /etc/ips file to check that all my secondary IPs are listed (Ive read that if there are secondary IPs not listed, they may be used to connect to cpanel licensing server). Everything seems to be in order though its not quite what i expected.

    Please not i have changed the ips, is there meant to be that 3 Ip on the end there, i thaught it was meant to be more like?
    Jamble: I contacted my Host asking them to contact CPanel, thanks for the suggestion

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    Thanks everybody who responded, I am happy to say the problem is now solved, after about 6 emails to FDC with replies, they found the problem. For some reason my server was connecting to the license server with my secondary IP. So FDC changed my license at FDC to work from my secondary IP and it work .

    Thanks again everyone.

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