View Poll Results: Where you installed Apache on FreeBSD?

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  • /usr/local/apache/ as on

    3 100.00%
  • chroor /tmp/chroot/usr/local/apache/

    0 0%
  • /usr/local/sbin/ by pgk_add

    0 0%
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    Where you installed Apache on FreeBSD?

    There are basically 3 ways to install Apache
    1, download source and follow the instruction on
    2, chroot then install it,
    3, use pkg_add, then this version is in Freebsd only location at /usr/local/sbin

    #2 is to make sure even it is broken, it will not affect others, but I looked at the method, it seems it is toooooo trouble some when you install other things.
    #3 I am not exactly sure why should apachectr should stay in sbin rather than the standrad /usr/local/apache/ using this method, you have to always stay with pgk_add, but one package will effect all other packages. freebsd ports seem to use a totally different directory system than most standred make install.
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    If you are using FreeBSD, you want to install from pkg_add or ports and modify your DATA dirs (or not use ports for anything dependant on whatever you are installing)

    The how and why of this is explained much better than I can on so I'll not really get into it, just know that if you start installing things from src, then switch, you will have issues.

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