We have a boat load of servers that we offer, primarly two specs (P4 3.0 Ghz / 1 or 2 gb ram / 1 / 2 x 120 GB HD). We also have some older celerons which we dont actively offer but on request.

Our units are located in HE's Fremont DC. If your interested in making a solid deal, we can give you some good pricing as resellers. Email us today at colo at baycolocation.net

Just let me know how many units you think you can cover per week/month and bandwidth, ip requests etc...and we can begin a discussion.

We are looking to fill all our units pretty fast so we can work out some good deals with serious resellers.

We are not interested in getting emails from "Well if i do this...maybe that..." If you think you can work with us on a long term basis, we will work with you!

We are eager to get a few resellers on board which can fill servers quickly but with fair prices