I got this from my dad's blog.

"In the storage sector, InPhase Technologies, which was founded in December 2000 as a spinout of research done at Bell Labs, expects to become one of the first companies to bring holographic data storage to market. The company introduced a prototype of a holographic storage drive earlier this year.

“Conventional optical storage devices, such as DVDs or CDs, record one bit of data at a time. But holographic drives can read or write a million bits at once, encoded as the interference pattern of two intersecting laser beams. InPhase promises two gigabytes of data on a chip the size of a postage stamp, or 20 gigabytes on one the size of a credit card. A 300-gigabyte disc will offer 50 times the storage capacity of a common DVD and 460 times that of a CD.”"

Pretty sweet!

Heres the actual article: