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    *** Anyone Want to Help Me Out With My Website? ***

    Hey guys,

    Well I've been doing some thinking lately about my site, and I've decided I need a crew.

    School has been really keeping me busy, so I can't always update my website all the time. And if I don't update my website, it'll probably become inactive, etc.

    That's why I need some people who are willing to help me out and update my website for me once a day or so. Just be a "News Editor/Updater." And preferably post at the forums a bit.

    I'll create an account on the news script I have, and give you full log-in to it, so you can easily just log in to my site, and update some news whenever you can.

    Preferably, I'm looking for someone who has experience in this (not that it's really that hard) and will be committed (somewhat)

    Please if you are interested, give me a shout here, or on AIM:
    SC 20K MAWS

    and I'll talk to you a bit and fill you in on some more details.

    It should be fun, and it's not really hard work at all! My site is already fully coded and designed, all you have to do is just update and look good 8) I'm looking for about 2-3 people for this job

    Thanks for your time! ^_^

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    How do you plan to return the help??

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    Is there pay?
    and what type of news will you want in there?

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