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    Selling Forums With Revenue


    I'm looking to sell

    Users: 1,130
    Posts: 5,702
    Revenue from adsense a day: $4-$8 was created two months ago and is hosted on its own dedicated server. It's really a general chat forums but it is connected to my partner and mine's main site (free hosting site). get's around 40 new members a day as we encourage our users to sign up and post in it. We also push traffic to it.

    We are interested in a silent transaction, meaning that someone will buy the rights to it and if they so chose our current admins will continue to post, and send traffic to the site. The site can (if the new owners wants it to be) still be affiliated with and we will still encourage new members to post in it and join.

    We will also host on its dedicated server for a year free of charge.

    With purchase you get:
    Free hosting for it on dedicated server for a year
    Members pushed to it from

    Starting bid: $1,500
    BIN: $2,000

    If you have any questions feel free to respond to this post or private message me. I'm sure we can work something out .


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    Lots of users, not so many posts....lots of '0' post users.
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    You don't have to post to be able to click an ad.
    You don't have to post to view topics.

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    Originally posted by givemeplain
    You don't have to post to be able to click an ad.
    You don't have to post to view topics.
    But you sure do have to post to be eligible for free hosting! which is what most of the users come from! Right? (Please correct me if i am wrong!)

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    There is a hosting plan that requires members to pay, but a very very small percentage of our users are part of that plan. Maybe for every 500 non posting users we have, 1 is on the posting plan .

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    Received bid of $700

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    could I see some adsense screenshots?

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    what is the current price of the site?

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