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    Be ware of ************

    Be ware of this ISP. They boast about their "no hidden fee" policy but believe them not! They're such a cheat so be really wary if you're hosting with them. Do not allow them to auto renew/charge against your credit card.

    Here is the conversation I recently had with them.

    Re: Billing error...


    Why am I being charged $250/yr. 12x$19.95 does not equate to $250.

    WebHosting ($19.95/Month Plan) $250 USD
    Total Paid: $250 USD


    User/Staff Follow-ups
    Mike (staff)
    6/13/2005 9:55:24 AM

    The $10.00 renewal fee is for the licensing cost for maintaining Windows 2003 and the SQL server license. Instead of raising the cost for our monthly plan, we only ask the member to pay a $10.00 annual renewal fee so we can continue to provide the hosting service at a low cost. Thank you for your understanding.

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    They probably have that "buried" in their TOS or other agreements somewhere, if not they should.
    While it may not be a "cheat" or rip-off (if they do have it in the fine print and you just missed it) it is uncommon to expect to pay for licenses unless you are the licensee (like on dedicated servers) especially since they are charging you for their OS license not some add-on features....

    Gee, I never thought of anything like that...maybe I should start charging my customers for all my CP & other licenses & my Alertra bills...maybe even a "surcharge" to cover our support phone bills...
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    Well i looked through their entire TOS, and their windows hosting page, and not once does it mention this $10 fee. The only fee mentioned is a $30 data retrieval fee from backups.

    As far as im concerned, you certainly shouldn't have to pay it, as not once did you ever agree to pay it (as far as im aware).
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    Nope, I have never agreed to pay the extra $. The matter of fact, when I renewed, I only authorized $239.4.
    Well, I am slowly moving my domain off of their server. I am going to host the damn site myself.

    Thanks guys/gals for you comments.

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    According to their website, they also have a One Time Activation/Setup Charge.

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    Originally posted by WN-Ali
    According to their website, they also have a One Time Activation/Setup Charge.
    But is it applicable on renewal as well? I don't think so.
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    One time setup-fee is very typical and rightly so - and I have already paid that when I signed up (a few years back). What I find *illegal* is that they charged the extra amount without my approval. If I hadn't looked at my bank statement, I would never have known.

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    yeah that is shady thanks for the tip.. never pay for a whole year unless it is a fantastic discount
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    I agree with Storagedump on annual payments. IMO, if there's not a discount involved for paying in advance for a whole year, there's absolutely no reason to do so.

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