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    [For Hire] Tech Support + Programming

    Hello, my name is Ryan and I am a web designer. I currently hold a volunteer position with doing programming and design with their networking sites. Although, I am now interested in proceeding my skills of support and design into a web hosting enviroment.

    Name: Ryan Barr
    Age: (Will be given upon interview/employment.)
    Preferred Position: Technical Support
    PHP Programming - 2 Years
    HTML Coding - 5 Years
    XHTML (Transitional and Strict) Coding - 3 Years
    XML Coding - 1 Year
    MySQL Databasing - 2 Years
    CSS Design - 3 Years
    Knowledge Of:
    - Photoshop - 2 Years (Limited)
    - ImageReady - Partial
    - vDesk
    - CPanel
    - Fantastico
    - WHM
    - WHMAP
    - PHPCoin
    - ModernBill
    - Kayako eSupport
    - ClientEXEC
    - Help Support Live
    - PhpBB
    - XMB
    - Invision Power Board (IPB) Knowledge
    - VBulletin Knowledge
    AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo! Support Abilities

    Salary Expectation: No Pay, Just Volunteer Work
    Hours Available: All Day Every Day, but must be flexible. (More detail upon request.)

    Why Volunteer Work and No Pay?
    First off the summer has come and I need something to occupy time. I feel as if free work is much more useful to the world and I really don't need my wallet to grow. I have the experience to get the job done as well as the dedication.

    Recent Employment (Volunteer): (Still Active)

    [email protected] - Main E-Mail
    AIM: Spookster187 (Preferred)
    MSN: [email protected]
    ICQ: 278427411 (Rarely Used, Request For Login)
    Y!: deadlydestiny2000

    Or PM this account.

    Thank you for any consideration! I am very interested in new companies along with older ones.

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    Position found, thank you for anyones interest.

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