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    Hosting question...

    Hey guys, I have a question for you. I am planning on getting one of the following servers:

    1. P4 3.0 Ghz w/HT and 1GB RAM
    2. P4 3.2 Ghz w/HT and 2GB RAM

    The main purpose of the server is for hosting game servers (mainly counter strike 1.6/source). How many game servers can I run of servers 1 and 2? Is there going to be a big difference in how many game servers I can run between servers 1 and 2?

    Also, both servers come with 1200 GB bandwidth, Is that going to limit how many servers I can run (I will also be hosting a ventrilo server).

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    How much do they both cost?

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    What does cost have to do with how many game servers it can hold?

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    I doubt you'll have any issue with your bandwidth limit when hosting gameservers.

    That said obviously the second one is going to be able to run more because it has more ram alone - but I wouldn't exactly say it would be a "big difference". (big is sort of a relative term, what do you define as big?)

    The only way to really find out is by doing it.
    I can start up 80 gameservers on a single box I have - but that doesn't mean any of them are going to be playable.
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    I understand that you can run as many as you can but they wont be playable, when I ask how many can I run I mean how many servers can I run without lagging it up.

    I would define big as server 1 can run 10 game servers and server 2 can run 20 game servers, that would be a big difference in my opinion.

    Anyone have an estimation as to how many (playable) game servers that server 1 and 2 can hold?

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    Heres some questions to pose:
    What type of games will you be hosting? Whats the price difference? etc..

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    I will be running counter strike servers and its for personal use....

    How many servers can I run?

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    From my experience you could squeeze in roughly 14-16 servers to it, and have it run fluidly.

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    Ok thanks, that is a good number that I was hoping to get.

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    No problem and the best of luck my friend.

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    One last quick thing: Get a server with atleast 2 gigs of ram. Most standard at home pcs are running off of 1 gig now.

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    Ok Ill do that then, thanks

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