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    Question E-Commerce Solution for Small Selection of Highly Customizable Services

    We are building an ecommerce solution for a client that sells one main service with tons of customizability availability for it, and also a small number of auxillary services/products.

    Now, the actual online "order form" for their main service, has already been built as an interactive Javascript page with all the customization logic and automatic price calculations built right in. (Obviously we'll be verifying the price calculations server side, not trusting what JS delivers from the client)

    What we are looking for now, is a way to plug this into some sort of storefront/payment system for final processing once the customer has made their selection. I've been looking at various options such as Open for Business, OSCommerce, ZenCart, and CubeCart, (I think ZenCart looks the best/easiest of those) but I'm not sure that such full fledged shopping cart systems are the best fit for this specific application (ie, small number of products, extremely customizable, variable pricing). Specifically, I read in another thread here (which apparently I can't link to, until I have 5 posts ) that "Zen Cart probably isnt the best solution for 2 products."

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good product or approach to take for this type of application? Thanks in advance!

    (Btw, I am an experienced coder, but fairly new to e-commerce systems)
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