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    Question cpanel as mailserver and dns only

    OK, use the 2 nameservers of a cpanel / whm server (let's call it "whmserver"). The nameservers are edited in a way that and points to another linux server (let's call it "nonwhmserver"). Basically A records on zone are set to another IP.
    Question is:
    How to setup so that emails are handled by "whmserver", meaning that account owner can login to "whmserver" cpanel, setup mail accounts ([email protected], [email protected], etc.) and users can use "whmserver"'s webmail function to check their emails?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    On 'whmserver' you need to do the following:

    Edit DNS for the domain in question. You will see the following entry:

    mail CNAME

    Change this to:
    mail A (replace x's with IP of whmserver)

    Next.. Find the MX record.
    It should look like this: MX

    You want it to look like this: MX

    Leave all the other A records that point to 'nonwhmserver' alone.

    You need to do the above for every domain that you want mail to stay on the whmserver.

    You can tell your clients to go to to access webmail. They will also need to change there incoming and outgoing mail server's in Outlook Express (or whatever they use) to

    Hope this helps,
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