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    trying to connect to my FTP site

    I just setup an FTP site in IIS 6.0 on my Windows Server 2003 Web Edition server, and I don't know where to go from here as far as connecting to it remotely. When going through the setup wizard, I set the IP address to all unassigned and the port to 21, chose "isolate users", set my path, and chose read and write. Then, I went to properties, and under security accounts I set the username and password to be used to access this FTP site as well as checked "allow anonymous connections" and unchecked "allow only anonymous connections". Then under Messages, I put a message in each of banner, welcome, exit, and maximum connections.

    Now I'm trying to connect to it remotely. I'm using IE and I enter "". It asks me for a username and password. I give it the username and password I set under the "security accounts" tab in IIS, but it doesn't want to connect. It just tells me "Could not login to the FTP server with the username and password specified."

    I setup a user account with the same username and password that I'm using to logon, so if it needs an account, it's got one. I made sure the username and password I set under the "security accounts" tab was taken directly from this account by pressing browse, then advanced, then Find Now, then highlighting my new account, then OK. The name that appeared in the "Enter the object name to select" box was <server-name>\<username> all underlined. I hit "check names" just to be safe and nothing changed. Then after hitting OK, I entered the exact same password that I had set for the user account. When trying to logon, I tried entering <username> as well as <server-name>\<username> but neither worked.

    I've also still got the Default FTP site that IIS comes with, but it's shut off so this shouldn't interfere. On the other hand, when I have it turned on (and the other FTP site turned off), I have no problem logging in using the default account that Windows Server 2003 comes with (IUSR_<server-name>). Incidentally, this account does not work with the FTP site I'm having trouble with.

    What else do I need to do to get my FTP site working?

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    Have you tried to use another FTP Client? You can look up They are all kind of server talk there.


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