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    * Sys. Admin / Tech. Support person Looking for Work


    I have just completed my first year of University and am looking for work during the summer which I can hopefully continue during the next year of my degree. I am 20 years old and have been working with computers for 8 years mainly concentrating on internet and networking, server administration, customer support and software development for internet applications.

    I am primarily looking for server administration and customer support work; however I am open to offers for all sorts of work. I am available to work very flexible hours and am based in the UK (Midlands).

    I have good experience administering servers and have very good communication skills, with a good phone and email manner. I am used to configuring all systems and services via editing of configuration files and so am not tied down to any one server administration software package (such as cPanel) although using these is not a problem.

    Systems with which I am very familiar:
    Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux (many distributions)
    DNS: Bind, TinyDNS, DNS Infastructure
    Networking: Configuration and Fault-finding, DHCP
    Mail: QMail, Courier IMAP, BincIMAP(/SSL), POP3 (Some use of Postfix)
    Web: Apache/1.3.x, Apache/2.x, Lighttpd (with PHP FastCGI)
    Database: MySQL, Oracle
    Coding: (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, Java
    General: Systems Administration, Technical Support, System Security

    I currently administer two of my own servers for my personal needs, running between the two are the following services:
    Web: Lighttpd, Lighttpd-SSL - (with PHP4 and PHP5)
    DNS: TinyDNS (Primary and Secondary)
    Database: MySQL
    Mail: QMail, BincIMAP-SSL

    I am always willing to learn new technologies and am a very fast learner. I always use my own initiative and enjoy researching new ideas and systems that I have not previously encountered.

    If you would like a copy of my C.V. (Resume) then please feel free to contact me:
    s.smith [AT] iceglow . net

    Thank You
    Shaun Smith

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    8,980 isn't responding at the moment.
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    Hi, is only being used to run mail and dns services for all of my domains at the minute - the IP address that the domain is pointing to is experiencing on-going routing difficulties at HE that are beyond my control and all of my live sites had to be altered - its all fun . I am currently waiting on a support response from HE regarding this issue as there is nothing more that I can do to fix the problem at my end.

    If you wish to see live sites that are running on my servers, try: - although the design of this is very old

    Thank You,
    Shaun Smith

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    What timezone GMT is that and how many hours per day can you work? Expected pay?
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    Yes, my time zone is GMT (BST - So +1 hour for Daylight Saving at the minute.)

    I would be willing to work up to roughly 9 hours per day (give or take a couple). As I stated previously, I am also willing to carry out part time work so this is more of a maximum than a minimum value.

    To give you a rough figure I would expect pay of approximately 4.50/hr (~ $8/hr), however this is completely negotiable.

    I hope that this seems reasonable.

    Thank You,
    Shaun Smith

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