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    CoreVPS ReLaunch - Plans starting from $5.00/mo

    CoreVPS is pleased to announce its relaunch. Under new ownership we can now offer the following special offer that if you buy 12 months or more we will give you Free Double Disk and RAM.

    Linux Packages start at $7.99/mo and we offer at least

    32Mb RAM
    5GB Disk
    50Gb Transfer

    We also do FreeBSD servers starting at just $5.00/mo which include

    16Mb Ram
    2GB Disk
    10GB Transfer

    Choice of Debian, Centos, Gentoo or Fedora

    See what customers are saying about us

    To contact us please email [email protected] for a fast and friendly reply.


    J - Hosting with Integrity

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    what comp for payment ??

    2ch . payses , paypal

    and how many stmp for hours ??

    500 / 1000 / 2000 ???


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    Their website responds, but comes up with errors. Doesn't seem possible to make orders right now.

    Database connection error!
    A connection to the Database could not be established.
    Please check your username, password, database name and host.
    Also make sure config.php is rightly configured!

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    Well, this link works

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    6,601 is loading fine for me here.

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