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    [Designer] Looking for clients

    Hello everyone.
    Astereostudios is now taking a client list for work throughout the summer.

    What I Do
    • Webdesign
    • Print
    • Media
    • Small Graphics
    • Photography
    • Logo's
    • Forum Mod Installations
    • CD Work (CD Packing)
    • Band Sites

    Who I Am
    Astereo didn't just appear out of nowhere. I have an extensive web background of numerous projects and sites, and I have years of experience in web designing. I documented our history as well as my method's of webdesign for your enjoyment here

    Why Astereo
    Astereo offers fully affordable design completed in a very short amount of time. We don't fool around ..

    Previous Work
    Of course, you're probably looking for a portfolio before you go ahead and hire astereo, or even consider it. Lucky for you, I've got one, and although Astereo isn't 100% complete yet, there are thumbnail clips of some of our work online, which can be clicked to see enlarged versions.

    Our Work

    When Can You Start?
    I am currently taking a client list for the summer. I will begin designing once I get out of school for the summer. So, I will start around the third week of June. I work on numerous projects at the same time, and each design is completed usually within 2 weeks.

    Last Thoughts
    If you're not in the need of a custom design, you should consider the astereostudiopack, which is a collection of 8 PSD's, and is now at just 50 bucks.

    Also, take a look around astereo.

    Best regards. :coffee:
    + [email protected]

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    CD Packing? So if we sent you a sample cd, or an iso'd burn and image the CD's?


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    ah damn, spelling error
    should be packaging (cover designs, inserts, etc)

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