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    Transferring Advertising Clients

    Hey gang,
    Quick question... I have a site that i am considering selling. Site has over 120K pageviews/ month, and draws in hundreds each month through advertising clients (banner, textlinks..etc.).

    Anyways, I believe that portion of the value of the site is from the advertising clients. They basically make the site "work-free". All I do is wait for the 5 subscription fees to come in automatically every 2-3 months.

    Since this is set up on the PayPal subscription system, is it possible to transfer these clients to the new owner without disrupting the subscription? Could it be possible that the clients would not have to take any actions?


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    Considering the situation, practically it seems difficult to transfer the client, suppose you've succeeded to transfer them, I think, the subscription will be disrupted and also the possibility that you might lose the goodwill of your existing clients. I think they might put an objection.
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