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    Automatic listing of files

    I've tried to find a simple script that will generate a basic index file that lists all of the files within a directory. I have a bunch of PDF that I am always adding to and instead of seeing the 'plan' list of the files I would like to create a page that automatically lists all the PDF files in alphabetical order.

    There must be a simple script but I can't find any.

    Any suggestions?


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    Your host should be able to turn on Directory Listing.

    Some control panels even offer this feature for the client to control.
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    Create a text file, call it ".htaccess" (without "quotes") and stick it in the document root. In the file, add this:
    Options +Indexes
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    I have the options +indexes 'on' but would like have an html page generated so I can add a title bar, pictures, etc.

    My site is created using a php template idea so I would love to have a script that just 'fills' in the blanks in the middle of my screen around my template design.

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    Perfect - I was able to modify the code so I could get exactly what I want.


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