I have a numbe of sites with thousands of pages in Google index. What you get is links to your homepage and internal pages with up to 100 different anchors. You'll get one link spot on each page of the site you pick. Your link that shows up on a page will remain static but on different pages different links would show.

Using this you can get your site deep crawled or target for different keywords.

The sites and corresponding monthly rates are shown below.

PR5 : http://www.mobilegamer.biz
14,500 pages in Google

PR4 : http://www.cheatsplanet.info
14,500 pages in Google

PR4 : http://www.cheats4you.info
19,600 pages in Google

PR4 : http://www.cheats4all.info
31,300 pages in Google

PR4 : http://www.cheatsdomain.info
15,700 pages in Google

PR4 : http://www.thinktemplates.com
24,900 pages in Google

PR4 : http://www.free-recipes.info
3,760 pages in Google

PR3 : http://ways-make-money.com
8,810 pages in Google

If you want links to more than one domain, each additional domain will be $1 extra per month per site. The number of links is limited to 100 though. For multi-site purchase; you get 5% discount for 2 or more sites, 8% on 4 or more sites and 15% for all sites.