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    Reseller 5 Gb Space 50 Gb bw/month - 30 $ /month

    This package was offered in a different form 1 year ago from now, since then the prices and important details has changed. as it is impossible to edit that old a topic, i am posting this as a new topic.

    RHEL 3 Linux

    5000 Mb Webspace
    50 Gb/month bandwidth
    5000 POP3 Email Accs.
    2500 MySQL Databases

    is 30 $ / month, if yearly paid. If monthly paid, 34.5 $/month.

    Resellers are able to create their own packages as they wish and upgrade/downgrade them. In no accounts SSH acces will be possible.

    There is no limit to the numbers of domains can be hosted.

    We are also helping our resellers with free consultation for all matters related to reselling, from hosting system automation to payment gateway integration. We are doing business with a number of resellers for some time now.

    We will take payments by credit card, preferably yearly. In order to get in contact, please either mail [email protected] with subject "WHT FORUMS", or reach us via icq 68017275 .

    See details of this and a smaller reseller package at

    Our site is located at
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