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    Email forwarding and sub domains. Which host?

    All I want from a host is email forwarding and a number of subdomains.

    Neither of these 'free' services seem to work with UKREG, it may be my fault in setting them up, but they won't reply to my emails, so I don't know.

    123 Reg charge per subdomain, I want quite a few so this makes them too expensive for me.

    Can anyone recommend a host that does reliable and cheap subdomains and email forwarding.


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    All you really need to find for this is a cheap hosting plan with unlimited POP email accounts and subdomains. You can setup forwarding in your Control Panel. What is your budget?
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    Dreamhost ( has unlimited email forwards, and their cheapest plan lets you host 3 domains and 15 subdomains included in the price. If you sign up under promo code 777 you can get 1 year of hosting with them for $9.24 (I signed up under this deal last month).
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    almost all good hosts that offer cpanel allow these on their accounts.. there are many hosts that offer this..just find a good one..
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    Most hosting companies do offer unlimted subdomains and unlimited email accounts out their. Just need to search this board and look around for the offers.
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    Here are some that may meet what you're looking for. They are as follows: Plan name, Co. Name, Price/mo, Storage, Transfer, Email accounts, OS, Subdomains, Aliases

    Silver Plan, Elite Hosting Service, $3.30, 100 MB, 1.5 GB, Unlimited, Linux, also unlimited subdomains

    Basic Hosting, Extreme Web Technologies, $3.33, 50 MB, 1 GB, Unlimited, Linux, also unlimited subdomains

    HHS Plan, 1 HelloHost, $3.33, 500 MB, 2 GB, 5, Linux, 5 sub domains, unlimited email aliases

    Business Plan, Drift2 Hosting, $3.95, 400 MB, 10 GB, 20, Linux, 10 sub domains, unlimited email aliases

    Hope this helps
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    That should not be difficult to find. Most of the good companies here at WHT can fill your requirements. Did you use the HostQuote option here?
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