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    Hello , And thanks to all of you that helped me when i came around looking for advise ....

    Let me make this as detail and fast and possible

    --> Support: The Support team on Server4sale is just plain great the best support i have seen , no matter how dumb or hard the question is they always find a solution .. yes there has been a couple of things that i asked that coulnt be done but thats just why, those things just could not be done .... i asked for VNC on a server with Cpanel and as hard as everyone tryed no GO!

    Support Score : A+

    --> Service / Server: Well here is where it gets a bit hard on them , when i first recieved my server i recieved it with a hard drive error and conflicting I.Ps those issues were solve in less that 24 hours, didnt really matter since i had just recieved the server it was empty so didnt care about drive change and all that...

    Another problem was server will not stay up for more than 2 days no matter what they did to it that BOX will go down when it wanted 2 , everything on my box including CPU , RAM was changed even upgraded for all the trouble i whent tru ..... that seem to fix the problem i can now go weeks with out any probs ...
    i am still having a bit of problems, everynow and then box decides to crash or whatever else it does that makes it go down this is and issue i will bring up with support im sure they will help me 100%

    Service / Server: ummmm Cant give it an A more like a B- lol

    Well i hope you use this review as a guide and not on a decision..
    every case is different .... im just doing this if someone does a search theres enuf feedback going around
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    what are their locations?

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    Thanks logo-one, for the review. I have used Server4Sale in the past, for a budget host, they are certainly not too bad.
    - Jamie Harrop

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    I have used Server4Sale before. They are a great company. I haven't had any problems with any of the servers that they resell and their support is fantastic.

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    Originally posted by pDflex
    what are their locations?
    I believe they currently use Burst and Sagonet

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