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    vb Forum Skinner Needed

    Hey there, I am the admin over at and we need a skin to be made for our forum which matches - our new website design.

    Please either PM me or post a reply here with a price and any previous work / portfolio.

    Thanks for your time,


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    I recommend that you check out, they have the largest portfolio for custom vBulletin Skins, they did my forums and they look GREAT . His AIM is "vbcore"

    Oh ya, tell him Ben sent you

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    okay , i already submitted a request for a quote on their site

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    Might want to send it again, I know that their site was down for a server change.

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    xplode, what's your site?

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    Just was reading this thread and noticed vbcore was suggested for doing vb design. But what I have been reading over at there are a dozen people that are very unhappy with vbcore....

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    This guy is a real thief, check out the posts on other sites. I am not posting to rant, but to make sure that no one else gets ripped off by him. he gets paid up front and then strings you along with a list of excuses, his family member died, there is no power at his house, he has a lot of stuff going on. He is a real dick. I am filing a small claims action in Arlington against him. If anyone is in the same situation and want to file a claim his information is below.
    Name: Kolby Bothe
    Addy: 3407 Forestway Ct.
    Location: Arlington, Texas
    Zip: 76001
    Phone: 8179997164
    He counts on the fact that you will pay with paypal and that paypal doesn't offer buyer protection for virtual items. then he just doesn't respond. in any event, check out these links with similar stories. these are all different people.

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