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    Talking Alexa PageRank service and some domains for sale! Check it!


    The page i want to sell is under url.
    Database & PHP driven.
    Domain expires at 2005-09-08 registered at

    Serving alexa PR banner for users

    Bid for this site starts from 1$

    I got some more domains for sale, they all registered with and may be easly transfered to other account without costs:

    all expires at: 2005-09-08

    Taking offers

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    $1 for alexa? or any of this domains?

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    Error msg

    Warning: file( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden in /home/gotlink/public_html/num.php on line 95

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    erm, fixed

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    $2 for gotlink
    Fabio A. Calderon

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    $3 for + page.

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    PM bid for + page 15$ , for now its highest bid..

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    $20.00 for
    Fabio A. Calderon

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    Got 30$ offer for + page at PM ..

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    31 for gotlink

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    Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems kinda odd that even when there are open bids in this thread, there are people bidding through PM. I think it's you trying to increase the bidding as usually when a visitor sees that the bids are being made public through an open thread they just bid the same way, and the first bid here was received through this thread and not through PM.

    So far I'm done with this auction.
    Fabio A. Calderon

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    As you wish, from now on bids only in this thrad , do not PM me.

    last bid for gotlink was 31$ by weezey2u

    bidding ends at firday night (00:00 betweend friday and saturday)

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    Bidding ends in 8h from now: + page = weezey2u / 31$
    no offers for rest of domains.

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    Auction ends, winner for + page is weezey2u
    rest of domains are unsold.


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    How much are you asking for this name?

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    Im waiting for your offer if you're interested..

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