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    Question 2checkout payouts.

    Hello there, i have a problem, that requires a good solution.

    My website has been processing with 2co for 2 months, but i have never made a payout. Now is the 22'th of June and it is 6 day passsed since the 16'th of June (payout date) and i still have not recieved any money or answer from 2co. On the 15'th they have sent me an e-mail:

    Because of the prevalence of fraud it is necessary to approve new
    accounts for legitimacy and periodically review existing accounts to maintain a continuous quality standard. Typically this process is
    transparent to the merchant. However, in your account's case, the
    process has been difficult and to this point has not been completed.

    We are working diligently on your account and will notify you if any additional time will be required. Otherwise, expect your payment to be

    released within the next 1-3 business days.
    So i have not recieved any e-mail with the info, that additional time is required. Also in Payments section of 2c0 vendor panel i still see the payments status Pending.

    I am really confused and was thinking of calling 2co, but when i did i was not about to wait for 25 people "ahead of me" to finish their conversation with 2co.

    Can somebody tell me if i should get worried about the payments or possibly it has been sent already ? There was not so much to send, since i had 3.5k on my account.


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    Call them, Or open a support ticket.

    They might not be quick getting an answer back to you but it beats guessing.

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    Did both, no sucess.

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    Contacted them by phone. Have spent some time listenning to their jazz music, but i have finally reached their support department. My money is supposed to be sent today, so thanks keepr for your reply.

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