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    File Hosting Site for Sale.


    I am looking for Reasonable OFFERS on ZooR.Net .


    Around 2,000 - 2,500 Unique Hits per day
    Around 8,000 - 12,000 Hits per day
    Most from USA!

    50 - 60 GB bandwidth usage per day


    $4-6 per day via google adsense.

    I am looking for offers around about $1,000 please. PM / POST offers thank you.

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    just to add if you have any questions just PM me ^^

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    so for a site that earns $4-$6 a day and probably uses more in costs, you want $1000?

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    obviously when more users come in in time the earning will increase, there is the option to add popups for extra earnings, but i just don't like popups

    The server i currently use only cost me $130 per month!

    The users are increasing gradually daily!
    Also i am not really selling based on income, because i havn't actually tried to earn the maximum income via the site! its just a site i had running as a small project that suddenly got big!
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    The site runs really slow. REALLY slow. Maybe your one server is not enough to handle 60GB bandwidth daily? This seems like it really would eat a lot of resources. I think you would be better off making it image hosting and modifying your script a little. It's got a nice interface and the domain name is neat but it's not worth $1000 yet...

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    i am not asking for exactly $1000 , at the same time i am not asking for offer of $200 too, i am willing to compromise to something reasonable considering the users etc. ^^

    I am looking to move it to my dual xeon, right now its on a 2ghz amd only, thats why its slow at times!

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    Its slow and there is copyrighted material (mp3 section) on there, which of course could get you shutdown. Its a good concept I think, but the copyright infringements must be hard to control?

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    not that hard, i only had to delete a few files a week, all who have uploaded copyrighted files i ban their ip's from uploading again ^^ (which has only been like 4 ) not too many!
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