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    Looking for the Dreamhost of Windows web hosting

    I currently host several sites at Dreamhost and am very satisfied with them. I've got a client that I have to develop a site for who has to have the site on a Windows server with ASP pages.

    So, I'd like to see if anyone has any recommendations on a host that is relatively cheap - $8-10 or under/mo. with no setup fee (hopefully), ASP pages, server side includes, decent server speed (not overcrowded), responsive customer service, and a good, well designed control panel.

    The final site will be hosted on another server (prearranged) so this is solely for my development purposes and showing the client the site.

    Thanks in advance - macguy

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    I believe Ready Hosting provides this - the only downside (that I know of with them) is that you have to pay a year upfront.
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